Open Data for Business

NatWest Bank uses house pricing data to help customers while they look for a mortgage. Their interactive map makes it easy for users to decide which regions fit their budget.

Data published on the London DataStore drives the app, enabling developers to build an up-to-date visualisation of affordability.

Open Data for Research

Startup companies and entrepreneurs use open data to create new types of business, develop new products, and make valuable discoveries.

At the Open Data Institute, Spend Network uses open spending data to create new insights for Government and its suppliers.

Open Data for Developers

Grass roots developers, enthusiasts and agencies use open data to explore fresh new ideas.

Find My Bin Day is part of a project in Leeds which leverages city data to create value for residents. It was created by HebeWorks, a media company behind The City Talking newspaper, which blends data and stories to create insight.

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Custom made for cities, DataPress is a fast and affordable way to transform local government data into resources that your residents can use.

Why it's different
  • The best open source

    We’ve done the groundwork - so you don’t have to. WordPress and CKAN are seamlessly integrated to make data publishing fluid and fast.

  • Custom-built for
    towns & cities

    Our bespoke extensions are designed with Local Authorities in mind, to create instant visualisations and powerful APIs that developers will love.

  • Cloud hosting &
    turnkey deployment

    Data and APIs are hosted in the cloud, and can scale to handle millions of users. Relax and let us handle IT management, security, backups and upgrades.

Sharing data in the capital city

London Datastore

Launched in November 2014, the London Datastore received widespread critical acclaim.

"We identified a number of requirements to better serve users, data creators and developers. DataPress did an excellent job of customising CKAN to exactly meet our needs, particularly in migrating our existing datasets."

— Paul Hodgson, London City Data Team

Read our blog post on the London Datastore

A platform for everyone

Leeds Data Mill

Leeds are leading the way with their community-driven approach to open data.

"We believe we are the first platform in the country that brings together Open Data information from multiple sectors across the city, and most importantly helps people to use that data creatively to gain understanding and new service solutions."

— Stephen Blackburn, Senior Information Governance Officer

Read our blog post on the Leed Data Mill

  • 711 datasets published
  • 78 publishers connected
  • 3 updates this week


  • Bespoke Dashboards

    Choose a WordPress theme or we’ll use one of our templates to match your existing brand, including custom visualisations to display data in a unique and compelling way for each site.

  • Always Evolving

    We’re an agile team; new code is deployed 3+ times per week. The system is always up-to-date with the latest versions of WordPress and CKAN.

  • Easy To Use

    A unified login allows you to create datasets as well as write blog posts, design pages, and manage your menus and content in a simple web interface.

  • Notifications & Reminders

    Schedule email reminders to notify data owners when updates are due. Users can 'follow' users and publishers of interest to receive notifications.

  • Access Control

    Set up permissions to publish data privately within your team, share it with other members of your organisation, or list it on the public catalogue for all to see.

  • Datastore and OData API

    App developers can query data directly from the source. We handle rate limiting, monitoring, scaling and application identification.

  • City-Scale Infrastructure

    Our Amazon and Rackspace backend provides 99.99% accessibility and 99.99999% durability of data. We can scale to handle millions of transactions and high-traffic data apps.

  • Verified Secure

    DataPress has been audited by external security consultants and Penetration Testers. Application upgrades and emerging threats are patched as part of our ongoing service.

How it works

  • Consultation

    Our architects begin by discussing with you an open data strategy and identifying your key values.

  • Configuration

    Our cloud backend launches the file hosting, CKAN catalogue, APIs, themes and extensions you require.

  • Beta launch

    Working with your internal team we set up the publisher roles and initial data ready for day-to-day use.

  • Training

    As the site goes live we'll provide ongoing support and in-house training for you and any external publishers.

What can your open data achieve?

We believe that local government data is becoming a public utility, and our mission is to make publishing fast, easy, and rewarding.

If you'd like to find out more, we'd love to help you get started with DataPress.

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