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Winners of the 2015 Open Data Publisher Award

The London City Data Team have taken home the 2015 Open Data Publisher award. The winners were announced last week at a ceremony in Bloomberg’s offices on Finsbury Square.

“London’s City Data team is absolutely delighted to be recognised in this way”, said Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director at the Greater London Authority.

“Our job is to run and develop the London Datastore into a world-class open data platform. We’re excited about using data to answer city problems and to create things that make people’s lives easier.”

The London DataPress portal has earned global recognition for the team. The platform publishes and harvests datasets from seventy partner organisations, and it has racked up over a million pageviews since launching in 2014.

“We are entering a new period for open data; where supply will broaden out to include other city data partners.”

Andrew’s team focuses on changing the supply and culture around data. They encourage sharing in a harmonised, interoperable and meaningful way.

“We want more open city data – from the water companies, the utilities, the electricity companies. These are valuable because they are central to the city issues we face. For example, we can use data to smooth the peaks and troughs of energy demand. We can become a more efficient city, and drive good deals with energy companies.”

“My spirits are high. Winning this award moves the London City Data team towards centre stage.”